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> Shock onroad set big bore long (2) (#160152)

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> Description

160152  Shock onroad set big bore long (2)
160153  Shock onroad big bore shaft long (2)
160154  Shock spring support onroad (4)

Serpent releases these new bigbore shock-sets for the  Viper 977 kits as optional ( and is standard in the new 977evo2 kit )

The new type shocks are very easy to assemble and bleed. The precision machined and coated spring-steel shafts and 7075 T6 aluminum parts are top quality level. The pistons are precision machined  delrin versions and same for the spacers.  The shocks seal very well with the pre-oiled x-rings and function supersmooth.

Overall the shocks provide more steering and grip.

The set includes 2 shocks and both long and short lower balljoints to use them either front or rear. To convert your  977 car you will need 2 sets.  The set does NOT include shock springs.
The current shockspring- selection also fits these new shocks, so you donít need new springs.

The same shocks are also used in the 411 4.0 kits and will be used in the new 748WC kit too.  Only difference are the longer shockshafts for the 977.