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> Serpent Taipan 988e Pan Car 1/8 EP (#905001)

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Electric cars > 1/8 pan

This new platform offers the lightweight and simplicity that racers have come to love about this class. In addition, we bring an innovative two belt direct drive design that will allow everyone from drag racers to road course aficionados to find the proper gearing and motor to fit their needs. It features perfect weight balance and flexible battery configurations to please customers of all types. The lightweight design makes it very efficient, ensuring that your ESC, motor and battery stay cool and provide optimum performance.

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> Optional parts

#804214Steering lever 23T alu
Steering lever 23T alu
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#804215Steering lever 24T alu
Steering lever 24T alu
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#804216Steering lever 25T alu
Steering lever 25T alu
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#8042452-Speed gear 53T SL6
2-Speed gear 53T SL6
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#8042462-Speed gear 54T SL6
2-Speed gear 54T SL6
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#903378Wheelaxle front OS2 Alu (2)
Wheelaxle front OS2 Alu (2) Super light-weight front wheel-axles for Serpent 960 / 966. CNC machined from aerospace quality aluminium and hardcoated. Perfect bearing fit. 70% lighter than steel.
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#903579Rim cover FR carbon (2)
Rim cover FR carbon (2) Creates more stability to the steeringblock and give s more steering. Hardware included.
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#903589Servosaver bottom alu (2)
Servosaver bottom alu (2) Very stiff/strong, precision machined aluminum servosaver.
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#903601Driveshaft cvd FR alu (2)
Driveshaft cvd FR alu (2)
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#903612Wishbone FR up (2) hard
Wishbone FR up (2) hard
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#903651Inner driveshaft adapter light
Inner driveshaft adapter light
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#905123Pully set 988e Pan (4)
Pully set 988e Pan (4)
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