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2-Speed GMBH new Serpent-Mega distributor for Germany (05/01/2006)

Ronald Baar

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2-Speed starts 1 january 2006

For Germany the distribution of the Serpent and Mega products are now in the good hands of the newly established company 2-Speed GMBH.

2-Speed company is owned by Andreas Giesa (former SMI-employee and long time 1/8 and 1/10 scale racer) and Jirka Hassler (also 1/8 scale racer).
Both of them are highly experienced racers and business-men.

We wish the 2-speed company all the best, and we are sure that they will take excellent care of sales, service and support for the German market.
2-speed will be actively involved in the rc car racing scene !!

2-Speed already has a good stock of Serpent and Mega items, taken over from the former distributor and new shipments from Serpent/Mega will arrive in their new offices-warehouse mid january already.

2-Speed GMBH  
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