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Races 30 april 2006 (03/05/2006)

Ronald Baar

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Germany, Hamm
Michael Salven TQ-ed the 1/8 race with S960/Mega ZX21, followed by Meister and 4th place Brixner (SDDriver) both also with S960/Mega.
As it rained afterwards, the qualifying was also the end-result, so 2nd win for Salven this year.

Germany, Berlin
Victory for Mirko Morgenstern Serpent 960/Mega ZX, Toni Gruber and Gerrit Gruber 3rd and 4th with Serpent and Holder Richter in 5th spot with Serpent.

In 1/10 scale it was Ralf Krause setting the pace  with a TQ in 21 laps and a superb victory 2 laps ahead on Pfeil.  

Sweden, Staffansdorp
The Swedisch and Norwegian drivers made their national at this track, where also the EFRA EC will be made.
Mikael Fransson  Serpent 960 was very quick in qualyfying, improving the lap-record with a few tenth and setting TQ position, 8 seconds gap on 2nd man Christensen.

Per Ola Hard made a good 2nd place in the 1/10 scale race at the same track.

Both the 1/10 and 1/18 finals unfortunately rained out.  

Many races around the World in the weekend of 6 and 7 may, enjoy racing !!

Team Serpent