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Christiani (I) Serpent 960/Max TQ at 2006 EC-B France (27/05/2006)

Ronald Baar

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Great show from Andrea Christiani with his Serpent 960/Max on pole in the 2006 EC-B in France. With 18 laps in 5.12 he was quite a bit faster than 2nd man Guillot with 5.16.

All 4 direct finalist made 18 laps.

Jordy Blok (S960/Mega ZX DSII) in 5th position was in a 2nd place looking at his laptimes in the 2nd qualifier, but a small error in the last part cost him deerly. He will need to do very well in the semi on sunday. Also Ben Jamini from Holland with S960/ZX DSII was performing well and set an 8th qualifying position. It is a good test for him, as he wll race full scale in the USA Formula Atlantic series from june onwards.

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Serpent ace Christiani

Serpent ace Christiani