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Andrea Serpent 960/Max wins EC-B 2006 (28/05/2006)

Ronald Baar

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Team Serpent victorious

Andrea (I) (S960/Max) continued his superb performance also during the sunday finals. He finished a superb race 3 laps ahead of 2nd place Bouche (F) and 3d Pesenti (CH).

More detailed info and pictures on monday.


4 Serpent 960 in the main final.

In total 4 Serpent 960 in the final with an excellent appearance on this high level of racing by Jordy Blok (NL) who wo the semi-final in great style racing the Mega ZX-21 DSII engine. In the final a broken plug and lateron a crash held him of the podium, but his lap-times were absolutely impressive.
From France Abisset made it to the 4th position with his RB powered Serpent 960.  Swiss racer  Mueller Marco also made it to the final through the semi's and the same for Jorg Baldes from Germany who climbed up in an impressive manner with a 2nd place in his semi.

We like to thank the club of Aulney sous Bois for staging an excellent EFRA EC-B, great promotion for the rc racing hobby.

Congratulations to the 2006 winner Andrea and ofcourse to all finalists and contenders of this EC-B

winner Andrea Christiani

winner Andrea Christiani