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Racer In the Spotlight - Teddy Syach (13/02/2007)


This week in our 'Racer in the Spotlight' column in which we catch up with Teddy Syach from Indonesia and put 10 questions to him.

Driver Background information

Date of birth - 21 July 1974 (Jakarta)
Nationality - Indonesian
Occupation - An Actor, married and have 2 kids
Sponsors - Serpent Motorsport, Mega, Daltonspeed, GQ tyre
No. of years racing - Since 1994, (13 years)
Class Experience - 1/10 200mm GP and 1/8 GP Can-Am
Sporting Hero - Alain Prost (Formula 1)


Serpent - How did you become involved in the sport ?

Teddy - Back in 1985 I went to the shopping mall in Jakarta. I passed by r/c hobby shop there and it attracted me to come inside. I looked around but of course it was too expensive for me at that time. From that occassion it was always on my mind. Almost 10 years Iater I got my first r/c car racing model.  Hmm. That long. I love this sport !!!

Serpent - Which track in your country would you recommend fellow racers to check out most?

Teddy - We have only 5 on-road circuit in Indonesia in 3 different places for now. There is Jakarta International Twin Circuit, Sentul RC Camp Bogor, and BSD Super Traxxx and small Traxx Banten. Each circuit placed only 1,5 hours (maximum) driving from each others. If you like faster and big sweeper, I recommended to go to Jakarta international twin intenational circuit and BSD Super Traxx, but if you like tight corner, you can join in my place Sentul RC Camp bogor.

Serpent - How long have you been racing Serpent cars?

Teddy - Since 1997 Im driving 1/8 Vector and had my first Ifmar racing at Toluca, Mexico. After that, I continue racing with that car until 1999. Now Im very glad to be back to be part of Team Serpent.

Serpent - What are your plans for the coming season. Will you be racing in major international events?

Teddy - I was planning to race in Ifmar 1/8 GP on-road this year in South Africa, but somehow it changed to Argentina. It takes 35 hours flight to go there so I need to think again about this.

Serpent - How did you enjoy your recent trip to Thailand for the Serpent Nitro Tour?

Teddy - It was great it was in Thailand because I have so many nice friends there. It was the first time for me to join Serpent Nitro Tour race.  Was a great atmosphere.  I raced in both classes and really enjoyed my first outing with the 960.  

Serpent - What has been highlight of your racing career to date for you?

Teddy - In 2004 I was on the top 10 final for 1/10 touring 200mm. Im glad to be the first Indonesian who can made top ten spot in Ifmar worlds. Surely trying to be better.

Serpent - What was the hardest race you have taken part in?

Teddy - The 1/10 200mm Ifmar Worlds in Brazil was hectic.  I worked really hard and made way up in to the main final.  Was very busy for me.

Serpent - What elements of the sport you like most?

Teddy - Setup athought if you make a wrong setup decision in a particular day at a particular race, you will end up with very sad face. But get it right and you have big smile.

Serpent - If you could change anything about the sport what would it be?
Teddy - Maybe the engine so we can use common gasoline from the gas station.

Serpent - If you not involved in r/c racing what other sport do you think you would have pursued?

Teddy - hmm..mmit would be Golf because it helps me to focus my concentration.

Serpent - Teddy thanks for taking the time to talk with us.  We look forward to following your season here on Serpent.com and wish you every success in the season ahead.  

Teddy - Id like to say thank you to Serpent Motorsport for having me in their team and looking forward for strong team showing throughout the racing season. Looking forward to meeting fellow Serpent drivers in big races soon.

Team Serpent Indonesia driver Teddy Syach

Team Serpent Indonesia driver Teddy Syach

Teddy with his Serpent 720

Teddy with his Serpent 720