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2007 Nations Cup date announced (15/07/2007)


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Serpent are delighted to announce the date for the 3rd running of its successful annual Serpent Nations Cup event.

November 9-11 will see the team event hosted once again at the Lisbon track in Portugal, venue for the  the 2008 IFMAR 1:10 200mm World Championships.

In response the large number of requests by 1:10 drivers wanting to take part in the event, Serpent are also pleased to introduce a class for teams of 1:10 200m racers for the 2007 event.

First held in Valencia, Spain, the Serpent Nations Cup sees teams of 4 drivers race for the pride of their Nation with the emphasis being on team work and the sharing of information.  

In 2005 it was Team Great Britain that triumphed over host nations Spain.  Last year the event was run in Portugal where Team Netherlands claimed the perpetual Serpent Nations Cup trophy once again over the host Nations but Team Portugal will be more determined this year to claim the title on home soil.

Further details of the 2007 Serpent Nations Cup will be revealed in the coming weeks but drivers interested in representing their country in this unique battle of nations should register their interest with their National Serpent distributor.