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Serpent full power ahead (15/10/2008)


Serpent has  been going through some changes lately and  many rumours have been singing around, so time to give some facts.

The facts

Serpent Headquarters remains based in Heemstede, Holland, at a smaller location than before.. At Serpent head-quarters general project-management, r&d, marketing and sales  are being done.   Michael Salven works on all designs of current and new projects.  Billy Easton works on r&d too, but then based in the USA.

Serpent  has moved all the production to Asia. In the last 5-10 years already most parts were made in Asia and we focused production in Holland on injection moulding of all nylon parts, logistics and packing of car-kits and spare parts.   To make things more efficient and flexible we decided to move all production to one expert production location in Asia.  This facility is fully operational and kits and parts are made available from there.

Before the main warehouse was in Holland. In the new structure it is managed in 3 locations SerpentAsia, SerpentAmerica and SerpentEurope ( in the making).   Ofcourse the network of Serpent Distributors (over 45 worldwide) will continue to operate as before.

Serpent is working on some exciting new projects, which will be revealed in the time to come, we will keep you posted, as usual.   Some more  info on the development of the Serpent company  will follow too.

Ronald Baar / Michael Salven
Serpent MRC