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Serpent goes micro ... (15/01/2009)


S240 in GT style

Small, indoor race-tracks around the world, demand for a perfect handling micro-size racing car.  So thatís what we made.  Stop playing, start racing ;)

Serpent joined forces with experienced micro-racers ( Wolfgang and Rene Woran from Austria) and created the Serpent S240. A 1/24 scale  2wd pan-car.  Simple, but proven and strong design.   No complicated suspension designs or set-ups.  

A pure fun racing chassis, for sheer endless amounts of track-time.  
- top quality carbon fibre chassis components with flex-control
- cnc machined aluminium parts
- smooth ball-diff
- high speed bearings, metric hq screws
- designed for Lipo packs for over 15 minutes runtime
- electric brushed motor
- High grip foam racing tyres
- Low profile, GT style body
( Lipo 700 packs sold seperate and micro-servo too)

A few pictures to showcase the S240, more details in stage 2.

Release end January 2009.

Team Serpent

S240 GT

S240 GT

S240 chassis

S240 chassis