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Scoop: Serpent to release the S100 WGT car in Nurnberg (01/02/2010)


At the toyfair in Nurnberg  from 4 till 10 february 2010   Serpent will release the  Serpent S100 World GT car.

This Link type  1/10 scale pan-car uses the basis of the S120 and S120 Link car.

Its shares the  top quality finish of all components with the other Serpent pancars and also the craftmanship and attention to detail.  A pure racing car.

The super steering front end, adjustable wheel-base, combined with the link-system and lateral shock offers a great racing chassis for World GT racing.

The Serpent S100 planned release is  for end march 2010, but it looks as if a few weeks before that is feasable too ...

We will keep you posted with lots more details and images after the Fair.

Team Serpent