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Neo 2010: practise (02/04/2010)


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Billy Easton took 7th fastest time in heat 3 and also overall in practise.

Re-seeding is done based on 3 fastest consequtive laps, which puts Easton with Serpent Cobra in 5th, as his laptimes are very fast and stabile.

Raphael Robert in 69 position with his first ever run with the Serpent Cobra, an early pre-production car, previously tested by Michael Salven as well.

Salven is also present to assist Easton and look at the level of buggy racing at the Neo-buggy.

Saturday 3 real qualifying runs will be done. All news and images on theneorace.com  with live TV coverage.

Team Serpent

thx for the images

Eastons Cobra

Eastons Cobra

Raphael Robert with pitman Bart

Raphael Robert with pitman Bart