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USA: Josh Talmadge tests Serpent Cobra and wins (26/04/2010)


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Josh Talmadge, a young talented driver from the same area as Billy easton in Florida, has been enabled to build a  pre-production car   and test and race it.

Attached few images and also the link to the Serpent Channel on  Youtube, where a number of video 's and interviews is posted.  Also check the favourites section for more video's.


Below a forum entry on rctech.net  which we came accross after Josh Talmadge actually won his 1st club-race with Serpent Cobra ...

" I was at Outacontrol raceway today and saw JoshTalmadge win the A main against the fastest nitro racers on the east coast...The car was freakin' dialed.And Yup he beat Billy .An average guy with a new buggy kicked everybody's ass and was driving the most stable car on the track. I mean he got out there with the two pro winners from the last Florida State Off-road Series race and beat them fair and square with the Serpent buggy.........Say what you will. That buggy is in a class of it's own....He and Billy were ON RAILS. I''ve watched Josh since he started and he and that Serpent will make you look silly.Way faster than He was with his previous cars.I couldn't believe the difference...Everyone will see soon enough....This is not just another buggy with some cool features.This is applied science and a lot of R&D that resulted in a better mouse trap......