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USA: offroad Nats Arizona; practise (23/06/2010)


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Team Serpent America is attending the Offroad Nats for the 1st time with the Serpent Cobra.

The team is there to assist the Serpent Cobra racers. The car is still brandnew, so excahnge of set-ups is vital.

Easton, Tosolini, Talmadge and Weatherholt lead the Serpent Team and will assist Serpent racers to obtain their best results too.

During practise, 4 runs so far, Easton and Weatherholt are showing good pace already.

liverc.com,  facebook serpent pages, and this site will have updates.

Team Serpent

Long uphill straight at 6200 ft.!

Long uphill straight at 6200 ft.!