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Oliver Simon joins Team Serpent (30/06/2010)


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We are proud to annouce that former European Champion Oliver Simon, from Germany,  has selected the Serpent Cobra to race, after intensive testing at tracks he knows very well.

Oliver will join in for the EC in Portugal and will be racing the German offroad champs later this year too.

Below  a  brief interview:

Great to have you on the Serpent offroad team

 Q:  When did you test the Serpent Cobra first time and what do you think about the car
A:  I tested the Cobra first time in the beginning of june and I was impressed by the first test. Taking the car to the first race confirmed my impression of the speed it has.  

Q:  what do you do for a living ?
A:    I work as an aircraft mechanic at the airport of frankfurt.

Q:  what  is your best result in buggy racing so far ?
A:   my best result was winning the euros b in 2007, before there were several times finishing the german championship between 4th and 10th position and I got 2 times german junior champion.

Q:  What will be your next race ?
A:    My next race will be a qualification heat for the german championship, then there are 2 fun races followed by the german championship.   And Ofcourse now coming up the Euro’s in Portugal.  hope to have a good support, a little luck and alot of fun at the euros. Be sure I give all the best to make it happen.
Q:  which driver do you think will win this EC ?  ( accept you ofcourse  )
A:    There are many good and fast drivers at the moment, so I cannot tell who is going to win the euros but I would appreciate a german driver.

Well Oliver good luck then in Portugal, make it happen !

Team Serpent