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3rd Round Brazilian Nitrocross Cup (04/08/2010)


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Last weekend the brazilian Team Serpent RC Performance driver Heitor Nogueira took part on 3rd Round Nitrocross Cup at Dust Raising Circuit .

The race format was 2 races of 25 minutes each.  Heitor and his Serpent Cobra won the first one and made a 2nd place in the second one. As the final result was race 1 + race 2 , Heitor made a 2nd place on overall result. With this result Heitor is now leading the Championship !!!

" The Serpent Cobra is by far the easiest car ever that I drive !!! Im using it for only two months and seems that I race this car for more than one year !!! Great balance , easy tunning and FAST !!!

Team Serpent Brazil