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Germany: Brunsberg on podium with Cobra in 1st race (04/10/2010)


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Hey everybody!

The first race is done with the new Serpent Cobra car and I'm very impressed with how it works.  The race was run in Leipzig, Germany on a giant hobby fair.

The track is very special, running on painted chipboard, which is continually becoming more slippery because of oil from the engines.  Most used slick tires and WD40 to get more grip.

Friday began with three rounds of practice and would end with a qualifier, this was not run because of computer problems.

Saturday began well for the Serpent team when Simon Oliver TQ first round. For me, it was not as good in the qualifiers, I was driving in a lower heat and had problems with traffic.
After the qualifiers Simon were in fifth place and I finished in sixteenth place. Rather disappointed because I knew the car was much better than the results showed.

Sunday started well for both Simon and me, we came to the main final quite easy.
After a poor start in the finals, I managed to run me up to a third place which I'm happy with. Oliver ended in 5th place, but due to an incident involving another driver, he was re-seeded.

Results in 1:8 Buggy:
1 Philipp Guschl - LRP
2 Mikael Pålsson - Mugen MBX6
3 Niclas Brunsberg - Serpent
4 Tim Bremicker - Associated RC8
5 Steven Schöniger - Losi
6 Karel Hajek - Kyosho MP9
7 Gerhard Frank - Kyosho MP9
8 Mirko Morgenstern - Durango DNX408
9 Tom Wiesner - XRAY 808
10 Abdullah Kilic - Mugen MBX6
11 David Ronnefalk - Kyosho MP9
12 Oliver Simon - Serpent (DQ)

Thanks to:
Serpent, AKA, Xceed, and hobbyprodukter.com

My set-up of this race is in the set-up section of the Cobra.

Niclas Brunsberg
Team Serpent Sweden