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Team: interview with Serpent Cobra racer Niclas Brunsberg from Sweden (05/10/2010)


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Thank you for the opportunity to run in the Serpent Cobra Team.
Q: What made you decide doing this ?
A: I saw the whole concept as a positive thing. Serpent goal is to be one of the biggest brands in the 1:8 offroad and it's something I want to be part of.
At the same time I see it as a new revival and a challenge to switch to a different brand than what I've been running the past few years.
Another reason that I switched is the strong relationship I have with the Swedish distributor HP racing. Where the owner Klas will be my mechanic on races next year.

Just to get some back-ground info:
Q: when did you start rc racing and with which car
A: I started racing in the begining of 2000, my first car was a Kyosho MP6 with a OS engine.
Q: how old are you, whats our job and "status"
A: I am 25 years old and studying mechanical engineering in product development. I'm on my fifth year and graduating at christmas this year.
Q: what food you like most
A: At the moment, I think fish soup is my favorite food.
Q: what normal 1/1 car you drive ?  and which one would you like to have ?
A: Sold my usual car last week and now I am looking for a new one.
Q: who is your favourite F1 driver and why ?
A: I like Lewis Hamilton because of his aggressiv driving style. Always pushing very hard.
Q: whats you best result ever ?
A: I won the Swedish cup in Skövde this year and became second over all in the swedish cup.

Q: which big races or series are planned for 2010-2011 season
WC, Pattaya
Silverstate, USA
NEO2011, England
Euro warm up, Germany
Euro-A, Germany
Swedish cup (5 competitions)
Swedish nationals
Nordic championship
and any other races Serpent wants me to drive.

Q:  what equipment are you running for tyres, engines, electronics and specials ?
A: I use AKA tires and is very pleased with them.
    For radio and servo I use Sanwa. As to engine I will try MEGA but it´s too early to make a decision.  

Q:  whats you opinion on the Cobra S811 car so far ?
A: Very stable, good acceleration and jumps very well.