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Serpent Cobra radiobox V2 is shipping (22/11/2010)


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Serpent is now shipping the new Serpent Cobra radiobox V2 worldwide.

All owners of the Serpent Cobra are entitled to receive one free upgrade pack with the new radio-box , with new servo and battery position.

Each Cobra owner can request this from the dealer or shop where he/she bought his/her Serpent Cobra kit.

The same applies to shops that carry some stock of the Serpent Cobra kit. They can contact the distributor to receive a free upgrade pack too.

The manual -sheet can be found here:

radiobox v2   as pdf file.

Note the way to space the servo's !

Serpent has just prepared a new batch of the Serpent Cobra kits, which already include the new radiobox V2  standard.

The new V2 radiobox was used under very tough conditions during the WC in Thailand by all 6 Serpent Cobra drivers, and none of them had any servo issues at all during all the week. Also no other mechanical issues were reported, showing the true quality and durability of the Serpent Cobra.

Eastons 2nd place in the semi-final behind Tebo and the 5th place in the Main Final of the WC 2010 proves the Cobra performance once more.

Team Serpent