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Portugal; victory for Luis with Cobra in 1st race (20/12/2010)


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The last Portuguese race of the year was held last weekend, in the famous Torres Vedras track.

With about 30 drivers and a very good track, exellent conditions were set to an amazing race, and the Serpent 811 dominated in great style.

With three Serpent 811 racing, it was the Portuguese Team Driver Rodrigo Luis that managed to show the speed and resistence of the Cobra, getting the overall TQ spot, winning two of the three rounds, being the only car able to make 10 laps during qualifying, and also the only running 31second laps during all weekend.

In the semi´s, Rodrigo won easily and took the top spot for the final.

Starting with number one and with a few rain drops falling, the final was a true madness.... Rodrigo was hit in the first corner and dropped to last position, but after a fabulous recover, he managed to get second spot after a few laps, fighting again for first position.

In the second fuel stop, he was hit by other car and a body clip came off, and the body came off the car in one of the straight lines, forcing Rodrigo to an extra pit stop dropping to 2nd place again, loosing almost a lap to the leader.

But races only finish with the checkered flag, and after Rodrigo managed to reduce the gap to 1/2 a lap with a perfect recovering, the leading car had troubles with 7 min to go, and Rodrigo just drove the 811 to the victory lane.

Team Serpent want to congratulate Luis and Team Serpent Portugal for this great victory !!!!!