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Clemen Pancho wins First Philippine Masters with Serpent S811 Cobra (28/02/2011)


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The much awaited First Philippine  master for r/c nitro buggy n truggy is finally over and the day was full of action-packed from 6 am to 8pm . It was a daylong of racing . Racers started to arrive as early as 5:30 in the morning as everyone was excited and  preparing their cars . As expected, the weather was perfect for racing and there were 4 mains on buggy n 2 mains on truggy. To their surprised, the track that used tobe bumpy for the past months n weeks during their practice sessions, it was the opposite as the surface was smooth with a good traction and this forced alot of drivers to change their setup.     The track conditions was able to hold and maintain the same traction n smoothness from the start of qualifying to the end of the final mains considering there were about 70 cars running on the track.
Serpent driver clemen pancho with his novarossi plus 4- C immediatly stepped up and took the fastest lap with 20'laps on the first hit of qualifying ( since the track was redesign, maximum laps
for 10 mins was only 19 laps) . Could have been the TQ of the day but Durango driver raffy abello with his OS engine hit the same lap on the second qualifying with 0.02 second faster than clemen pancho and this was the TQ of the day for buggy.  During the 1 hour mains, jody coseteng with his mugen mbx6, novarossi plus 4-C was able to break away early from the pact n maintain a few seconds lead for couple of mins.    3 drivers clemen pancho,raffy abello n jody coseteng were only seperated by only  5 to 7 seconds away from each other and exchanging leads during the early parts of the mains untill raffy flamed out. Serpent driver clemen was flying all over the track and looking solid , consistently driving untill he took a lap lead n broke away. This left  Serpent driver to cruise to the finish line and crowned "the master for buggy 2011." clemen was on a roll early this year as he took an early back to back trophys with his Serpent( Sanwa cup last month and now the first philippine masters). Teammate serpent driver jordan go missed the event as he was in the U.S for some important matters.

On truggy, another exciting race between edward sio/ mugen, jody coseteng/ mugen and denis lucindo /durango and the youngest driver jopo /mugen. A very tight competition during the 1 hour mains. After a couple of minutes , edward took the lead with 1 and ahalf lap untill he flamed out during his pit stop and took awhile to start the engine and lost his lead. Jody running second broke away with 2 laps and crowned " the master for nitro truggy 2011." with jody runnung first, a close battle between the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place having all the same laps with only fews seconds apart. Mugen driver Edward sio and durango driver dennis lucindo battled for awhile and exchanging leads for second place for morethan 20 minutes untill dennis flamed out on the very last lap of the race and cost him to settle for the third place, and edward cruising to the finish line for the second place.
After a  long day of racing , drivers were all exausted but all were satisfied with the world class facilities  at the track like a 32 inch flat T.V screen installed at the drivers area to easily monitor race results.  and also especially with the condition of the Junkyard racetrack as the newly top up soil and installed sprinkler system helped the  traction n minimized the dust on the track.  
The most noticeable was the tire wear. Most of the drivers used a new sets of tires from 3 sets of qualifying untill the end of the 1 hour mains and at the end of the mains, tire wear was so minimal and the threads were still up and full.  

So far, this event is the most or the biggest event in nitro buggy and  truggy in the history of Nitro R/C Philippines and the organizer Dogbone hobbyshop would like to thank all the racers who joined the First Philippine Masters 2011 and to all who supports this hobby specially to congressman Jack Enrile,  the current president of RCMP, who attended this event and stayed for 2 hours and  watch the final mains.

Again, thank you racers and lets continue to support this hobby and See you all on the 2nd Philippine Masters 2012.

Note: a DVD copy of the entire race will be available soon .