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FEMCA 2011, Easton racing started (09/07/2011)


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After days of anxious waiting and lack of information, Billy Easton has finally showed up trackside early this morning. The late arrival caused ny numerous mistakes of the airlines and loosing his luggage in the process.

With his late arrival Billy has missed all the practice sessions as well as the qualifying runs. Leaving him with his work cut out for him today. Billy is, at the time of writing, bumping his way up the field from the very bottom of the lower finals.
By the end of this, Billy would've raced literally half of the field of FEMCA 2011. Billy managed a fast lap of 41 seconds on his first run and has so far bumped himself up to the 1/32nd Finals, qualifying most times 1st in each run that he's racing in. For FEMCA 2011, the top 5 drivers will be bumped up from each lower final so Billy has his work cut out for him today, to make it into tomorrow's quarters and semi's. He has to run 5 x 20mins lower finals and 1 x 30mins lower final and be in the top 5 for each run.
Go Billy!! Go!!...
Live results and streaming video of FEMCA 2011 is available at www.slyfoxrmt.com.