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Serpent takes win at the Rc Freak Offroad Raceway Philippines (23/08/2011)


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A  new Racetrack  in the Philippines ,  RC FREAK OFROAD RACEWAY, located in Nueva Ecija, 2 hours  away from manila.  The inaugural race held last weekend Aug 13,2011 and it was a great success with about 40 racers  on Nitro buggy and Nitro Truggy.  Most racers came from manila and had a different experienced and fun with the new layout.  Started the qualifying with a perfect sunny day and had a little shower  for 30 mins  during the start of the B Main and that created  a lot of tractions for the A main group.  Familiar faces like Jordan Go with his Serpent  TQd the qualifying rounds for buggy and Clemen pancho  with his Cobra TQd  for the Truggy.  Most of the players arrived around 8a.m on the race day and had only about 2 hours of practice .  With the kind of layout , a lot of players  made a lot of mistakes flipping over on the what they called CHOCOLATE HILLS.  
The highlight of the race was the TRUGGY FINALS  having Clemen Pancho  Cobra first on the grid, Jody Coseteng Mugen second, Derrick Cobra Third, Edward Cobra Fourth, Denis cobra fifth.   Jody was able to maintain his lead for a period of time and clemen running second and edward running third.  Derrick retired early after loosing his tire .  Midway of the race, clemen and edward were exchanging 2nd and 3rd position and getting closer to the leader Jody with only less than 15 seconds behind  when Jody had to retire with a broken arms after a headon accident with other cars giving way for edward and clemen to move up. The battle between the two COBRAs  was so tight with a difference of only a couple of  seconds .   They were exchanging lead for a number times  during pitstop and whoever makes a mistake.  Clemen with his cobra powered by TECNOPOWER had a couple of flameout and that gave Edward with his Cobra powered by Novarossi BONITO  the lead for good on the last couple of laps.  

3 COBRAS on the podium for Truggy.
1 Edward sio- Serpent Cobra-  Novarossi Bonito- AKA- Tornado
2 Clemen Pancho- Serpent Cobra- Technopower- AKA- Tornado
3 Denis Lucindo- Serpent Cobra- Technopower- Aka- Tornado

For Buggy, another familiar face Jordan Go  secured  the top pole position  and finished first overall
1 Jordan Go- Serpent Cobra- Novarossi Btts- Aka- Tornado
2 Clemen Pancho- Serpent Cobra- Novarossi BTTS- Aka- Tornado
3 Nani Tagle- Xray- Ninja- VP pro- Rapicon

Team Serpent Philippines