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Italy: Rick Acciari joins Team Serpent Cobra (11/01/2012)


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Q and A Interview

Q:  Its great new to hear you will run with Serpent, racing the Cobra Buggy ; when will you start racing it ?
A:   My very first Race will be "Italy Cup" @ IBR, Padova. The race will be held on 28th and 29th of January. Right now i'm testing the car in order to get ready to race.

Q:  What do you like about the  Serpent Cobra  Buggy mostly ?
A:  I think i like the feelings, the good traction, and mostly the lap times :-)

Q:  Will you also run the Cobra Electric version ?
A:  I think so, looks way too beautiful!

Q:  What will the next larger race you will be attending ?
A:  As I've said, i'm starting with a very big race. Then we got a pretty nice schedule for 2012

Q:  Which main races do you have planned for  2012 ?
A:  Neo Race, the 4 italian nationals, Perhaps Euro A, Euro B, Pierrefeu, The Italian Job, Bitty Contest and The Dirt Italy are planned right now.

Q: Which engine, radio-gear and tyres will you be using ??
A: I'm gonna use a Picco Boost engine, electronics from Futaba and PMT Tires for most races.

Q: Whats your occupation in daily life ?
A: I got my own web-magazine (www.justbuggy.net) which i started this year with nice results, moreover i write for a couple magazines and am a photographer

Q: Any quote or news for your Serpent fans ?
A:  Of course! Let's get in touch, add me on Facebook and drop me an email for any kind of need about the Cobra. As a team we can do very well!

We wish you best of luck and lots of  fast races in the time to come !

Thank you!

Riccardo Acciari

Riccardo Acciari