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Billy Easton TQ's and wins Buggy and Truggy Alabama race (13/01/2012)


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Below is Billy Eastons report on Alabama Summer Slam, where the TQ-ed and won Buggy and Truggy and was close to win the E-Buggy class too.

The Alabama Summer Slam was held in Helena, Alabama at a facility known as "The Warehouse". It is maintained and run by a known racer in the US, Alan Burton. This is a small indoor track that posts up around 15 second lap times. It is small but poses new challenges compared to that of bigger tracks. With the lap times being so short, the hardest part is passing and being a defensive driver.

The track seemed to be fairly easy, but no track is ever that. There was a sweeper into a short shoot, then a double in a corner you had to hit perfect to hang a good line. The next was the step up triple that was very difficult to have the proper distance to make. After that jump there was an off camber to a series of step downs which would then lead onto the chicane which ran down the straight. Seems simple enough right...

The track condition was a little slippery and finding the right material of tires and pattern was key. I chose Proline Holeshots for my buggy and truggy in M4 compound. I felt these provide the most grip. Aside from the tires,

Buggy:  I have been spending alot of time trying to develop a new setup for my Cobra buggy in looser tracks. Although I have not found it yet, I will keep searching. Some key things that I felt that did help my particular car is to over gear it. My Nova Rossi Bonito engine is lethal on the throttle and propels my car with fury. It is probably the most powerful engine I have ever run. Wheel spin is a bit of an issure for me alongside our super light drivetrain, so in low traction it has its ups and downs. Definately lighter springs was better at this track, along with lighter oil in the shocks for the 60 degree weather.

I really have not changed my Cobra-T car in a couple races. Truggies are so easy and with the big tires I just drive it. Typically its easier than the buggy so I dont feel a need to change anything.

the Cobra-Be  car I rarely race, so this was a good time to help out my new teamates with their setups and see if i could find something new. At first I thought my setup from the nationals was ... well ok at best, but for sure need improved. I didnt change a whole lot, but one huge thing I did indeed like on the E buggy at this track was to run the front shocks on the inside hole. Perhaps , the outside hole for this car was wrong the entire time. I used our Green Spring, 1.3X8 and 45 weight oil in shock position 3 a.. I felt this improved driveability. Other than that, my car jumped very low, so the triple was a challenge for me. My teammates, used a different rear end and they had no problems. It really came down to the rear end configuration. I was running the shocks laid down where as they had them more upright.

Overall the race was really fun, but stretched out. We had a few issues with the loop but that was about it. The indoor pitting was nice, but would have been much better upstairs, so maybe next year thats where ill be. The town was small, but there were a few night spots.Although I didnt exactly go out myself a few of my team did hit up Pelham361 and had a good time.  The most memorable part of my trip was the Burger Depot that we went to for lunch. It was an old train depot that rested next to the railroad tracks and a river, which had an old bridge also in the view. That was a really cool place and wich I would have taken pictures.

Thanks to Alan for putting on the event, Josh Talmadge,Bobinator, and Ryan Johnson for supporting our products as well as being good teammates.
Billy Easton
Team Serpent