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New onroad shocks: RCM shockabsorbers short and long version (13/03/2012)


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Shockset RCM on-road short (2)

Serpent developed new onroad shockabsorbers with membrame style bleeders.

Hard Teflon coated threaded shockbodies in high quality aluminium.  Supersmooth o-ring / bushing package, to guide  and seal the spring-steel piston rods. Precision moulded pistons included in 3 types.  Threaded pre-load shocknuts in alu with o-ring inside. Light but strong nylon spring-cups. Tight fitting ball-joints in top and bottom.    

Perfect fit, easy assembly.
Instructions included.

Later in april Serpent will also introduce a version of the shocks with nylon threaded bodies, and moulded bushings instead of machined ones .

These nylon shocks will be used in Serpent Sport type onroad kits, like 411-Sport and 411-FF Sport which will be released later this year.

The Serpent RCC-X  onroad- shockabsorbers with the foam type bleeders will also remain available as this type of shocks  also has a large following / group of fans, as the bleeding is very easy and fast.

Team Serpent