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Cobra buggy: tech-tip diff-coupler (13/05/2012)


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Cobra TE 1/8 4wd buggy

S811 Cobra tech-tip

When doing step A11 or A22 of the manual we recommend to modify the M4x4 setscrew used in this step

Use a Dremel tool or similar to flatten the bottom of the screw as shown in the picture:

The left hand one  new as inside the kit, the right hand one  after modification = flat.  

Be carefull when making this change, and use eye-protection.  Mount the M4x4 grubscrew on a tool before grinding, so you can hold it well.

Still use strong type threadlock on the grubscrew, to prevent it from coming loose.

You can find it as word document also here:

Team Serpent