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Kay Koops TQ's and Wins buggycup Appingendam Holland (23/07/2012)


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Buggycup in Appingedam.

This was my first race with the serpent, during the training had already emerged that the car was very quiet and lots of traction.
I have only my shock during training, and diffrentieel oil thinned.
The car was in a dry and a wet surface, easy to drive.

The qualification's went great, the first qualifier TQ, the track was still quite moist.
The second qualifying session the track was very dry, for this I had worn aka put on my car. No problems with griprol and yet very much steering and traction!
The third qualifying I had a TQ, nothing had changed in my car and the track was drier.
I had ridden in this qualifying a 37.7 and that is very fast!

The semi-finals. I had a good start, after a few minutes I started to make mistakes so Jorg closer. After a long battle for first place, Jorg made ​​a mistake at the end so I first crossed the line

In the warm-up time for the finals it started to rain, and everyone still had his car on a dry adjustment stand. I had a good start Sat right behind Bart, a few corners later, I went past it, I could hit like a hole, It was very exciting between 3 and 4, because in the last minute it was decided that after a mistake by Jeffrey and, if received Jorg the third place.

I have a fantastic day.
I want to thank CRD for my beautiful plastered body and wing, Serpent for a great car and of course my pit crew (Erik and Dad) for the wonderful work they have done in the pits!

Kay Koops
Team Serpent