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Cobra Buggy 2.0 set-ups (02/10/2012)


Linked to:
Cobra 811 Buggy 2.0 1/8 4wd buggy, Cobra Buggy 2.1 4wd 1/8, Cobra Buggy 2.2 GP 4wd 1/8

The different types of  set-up sheets are now onine for the Cobra Buggy 2.0

- default: ( for the standard set-up)
- blank: to print and fill out by hand)
- edit: to fill out online ( use pdfescape.com or with pdf editor )

More set-ups of various racers around the world will be added step by step.


The Cobra Buggy 2.0 kits will be shipped out mid october 2012.

Team Serpent