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Morganti wins Winternats with 977 Viper !! (16/02/2013)


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Viper 977 1/8 scale onroad

Morganti wins, all 3 x977 Viper in the A-main !

Saturday finals:  Morganti with 977 Viper takes victory

Serpent Green, Salven and Morganti all 3 in the A-main; Salven qualified 2nd, Green 3rd and Morganti in 6th with 977 Viper

Serpent Morganti won the 1/8 main final in great style, comming from 9th after the start, and taking victory ahead of Swauger and Elias, with 977 Viper

Serpent Salven was making the show in the 1st half of the final, his Xceed powered Viper 977 was on fire. After 5 minutes a 2 lap gap on number 2, after 10 minutes almost 5 laps, after 20 minutes over 8 lap lead, truly amazing. Green was 3rd for a while, then took 2nd place from Burch and kept 2nd until bad luck hit him. After 20 minutes more bad luck when Salven had to stop. His engine came loose in the car, and broke the flywheel, show over.

Great that Morganti showed the 977 Viper as deserved winner in the end. !!

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