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Viper alu and brass optionals (22/04/2013)


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Viper 977 1/8 scale onroad

Some really nice aluminium and brass options for your Serpent Viper 977.

903603   Radioplate bracket alu
Superbly machined aluminium radioplate support for Viper 977 ads more stability to the center of the 977 and  offers stunning looks  Grey anodized.

903576   Flex system front
This set includes 2 bearings, screws and  csh washers. These parts replace the fixed nylon inserts in the radioplate.  One first removes one screw in the top of the small front alu radioplate support, and mounts the parts as shown. This system allows few mm of flex in the front area, and increases grip/traction. By replacing the screw in the top of the front alu radioplate support, the system is fixed again, no flex. So its very easy and fast to change and try.

903502  Body post alu eccentric short (2)
Allows to move the body to be mounted few mm back or forward due to eccentric shape, without need to cut new bodyholes.  Fits all 1/8 onroad gascars.   In the rear the bodyposts of the 977 Viper are also eccentric to move along with the fronts.  Lightweight, superstrong.

903580   Weight bottom brass 38gr
This brass weight is used inside the chassisplate, which has 3 slots to move 1 or more weights, and thus influence the balance of the car. More to the front is less rear traction, ore steering, more to the back is less steering, more rear grip. To move the weights is very easy and fast and can be even managed during a fast pit-stop. The shape fits the chassis-slots. Logo and weight is engraved.

More optionals for the Serpent Viper can be found here:   http://serpent.com/product/903012/optionals/