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Germany: 1/8 onroad Top-driver Christian Wurst back with Serpent (23/04/2013)


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Viper 977 1/8 scale onroad

German driver Christian Wurst has decided to return to Serpent. After seeing and then also trying the Serpent Viper 977, the choice was easy !

Christian has raceds Serpent for many years, and its good to see him back with us.

below a brief interview with Christian.

Team Serpent


Q: Which races do you plan for 2013 season ?
A:  For this year I planed mainly races in germany.  All races for the german championship, the Nitro-West-Masters and some races at the famous Track in Luxembourg
Q: As you already  had your 1st race with the Viper, what was the feeling and result ?
A:  When the Viper finally arrived I was very exited. Building quality was very good and I must
say improved significantly over the last years.       As always, starting with a new car is no easy job, with all the setup possibilities, body position,       ect. But the team gave me a warm welcome and helped where ever they could. So during the training for the first race we had a lot of work, but I had a very good feeling and the potential of the car was clearly visible. Some more tweaks and the Viper will be  perfect for my style of driving. After all P3 in the 1st race is not a bad result! ;-)

Q: What is your hometrack, and what is your best result there ?
A:  Hometrack.... tricky question. As I moved from Bonn to Burscheid 3 years ago I would say my hometrack changed. Before it was Bad Breisig now it is either Dormagen or Oberhausen.  On all of those track I made it more than once on P1. ;-)

Q: Which engine, radio, servo, body and tyres will you run ?
A:  Here is the list: engine : SIRIO, radio : Radiopost, servo : SAVÖX, body : PF 909, tyres : Contact
Q: What education and / or job do you do ?
A:  I studied computer science. Right now I work within the IT-department of a big insurance company.

Q: What is your best race-result to date and in which class ?
A:  Best race result is the win of the 1:8th EC-B.

Q: Who is your favourite rc racer and why ?
A:  That´s an easy one. As we have at least 3 racers I look up to for their driving style,      there is only one racer that is always helpful and is always willing to listen to problems.  It is the famous Michael Salven.

Q: What is your next bigger race this year ?
A:  Next bigger race might be the ENS in Hockenheim, but that is not sorted out / finally planed jet.  

Well the best of luck and speed this season, we hope to see you on the races and on the podium often !

Team Serpent