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Austria: Nacho Lopez Vice-Champion with Viper at EC-B (24/05/2013)


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Viper 977 1/8 scale onroad

Spanish driver Nacho Lopez is the 2013 vice-European Champion 2013 with Serpent Viper.  Congratulations.

Team mates German Phillipe Sting and German Rene Pupke both reached the main final as well, making it  3 Serpent Vipers in the final, of the 7 that made it to the semi-finals.

The Serpent Viper 977 introduced in april of this year is proving to be a very fast and easy car. Designer Michael Salven, was at the track almost all week to support all Serpent drivers, together with Giesa from SerpentEurope and the Austrian Distributor. Excellent result, well done Team Serpent.

Quote from Salven: Main final
What an incredible race!!!! First three in 3 seconds. Well done all. But special congratulations to Nacho López LLuch for the second place with the 977 viper!!!!

EC-B 2013
the new rules with mono-brand, shore and size of tyres worked out really well, and its clearly the right way to go.  NO tyre treatment, no major differces, more equal chances. Also no tyre cutting and no tyres to bring to an EC, Many advantages.
Also the 16% fuelrule worked fine.

Thanks to the local club in Austria to organise a great race, well done !!

More reports and images: http://teamserpent.com/blog/2013/05/25/austria-ec-b-18-onroad-with-viper/

We look forward to the next EC's for 1/10 EP and GP A and B  and 1/8 onroad-A and offroad A and B.

Team Serpent