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Korea-Team: Top-driver Choi with Serpent 977 (12/06/2013)


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Viper 977 1/8 scale onroad

Team Serpent:   Top-driver Nak Sung Choi to race Serpent 977

We are proud that Top level 1/8 scale driver Nak Sung Choi joins the already strong Serpent 977 team.  Choi races in South Korea and will also attend the  Wc in Japan, later this year.
His great experience in 1/8 scale will benefit all Serpent Team, and especially the Korean drivers.

Below a brief interview with Choi.

Hello Choi,

Its great to have you on the Serpent 1/8 onroad team.  Below a few questions for you:

Q: when did you start rc racing and with which car ?
A: It was a long time ago. 34years ago, I went to into the world of RC racing with Academy electric buggy car. And my first race was at US army base when I was 12years old.

Q: where  is your local track located
A: Kabsan track and Ohcahang Hitec race track located in surbarbs  of Seoul.

Q:  What has been your biggest national and international result so far ?
 A: 2009, 2010 and 2011 KMRCA(Korea national championship) 1/8 on road champion.

Q: Why do you enjoy 1/8 onroad most  ?
A: I like speeding and enjoy the competition of 1/100 second.

Q: When and where did you 1st test the  Serpent 977, and what was the feeling  ?
 A: I just tested  977 a week ago at Kabsan race track and I had really nice feeling.

Q; What is your age and occupation ?
A: I was born in 1968. So, Iím 46 years old in Korean age and 45 years old in American age.
    And I own a private business.

Q: What is your favorite rc category and driver ?
A: 1/8 On road racing and Michael Salven.

Q:  What is favourite food ?
A: I like all kinds of food just except the fishy smelling foods.

Q: Which races do you  plan for 2013 ?
A: Iím focusing on Korea national championship in August and World Championship in Japan.

Q:  When and where will be your 1st race with Serpent  977 ?
A: It will be in the Serpent Korea on road race round 2 at Ohchang Hitec track on June 30th.

Thanks for the brief  interview and we hope to see you do well with Serpent 977.

Team Serpent