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Serpent tools and sets released !! (05/09/2013)


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Toolset FOR ONROAD (17pcs) with Tools bag

Serpent tool range.

Handle in lightweight  version with slides and holes, which does not roll off the table due to the new shape and machining.  Engraved with Serpent textlogo and size as needed.
Very durable, and precision machined hardened spring steel tips in brownish color.

3 main sets to cover 3 main categories in the stylish Serpent toolsbag, and all tools separate as well, as well as the main tool-tips separate too.

Name engraving service is provided, ask your Serpent distributor for price and leadtime details.

Range of Serpent tool-sets and tools

190506   Toolset onroad GP (16pcs) with Tools bag
190507   Toolset EP (16pcs) with Tools bag
190508   Toolset offroad  (20pcs) with Tools bag
190509   Allen allen wrench 1.5 x 120mm
190510   Allen wrench 2.0 x 120mm
190511   Allen wrench 2.5 x 120mm
190512   Allen wrench 3.0 x 120mm
190513   Ball driver hex wrench 2.0 x 120mm
190514   Ball driver hex wrench 2.5 x 120mm
190515   Ball driver hex wrench 3.0 x 120mm
190516   Tool tip allen wrench 1.5 x 120mm
190517   Tool tip allen wrench 2.0 x 120mm
190518   Tool tip allen wrench 2.5 x 120mm
190519   Tool tip allen wrench 3.0 x 120mm
190520   Tool tip ball driver hex wrench 2.0 x 120mm
190521   Tool tip ball driver hex wrench 2.5 x 120mm
190522   Tool tip ball driver hex wrench 3.0 x 120mm
190523   Turnbuckle wrench 3mm
190524   Turnbuckle wrench 4mm
190525   Turnbuckle wrench 5mm
190526   Flat head screwdriver 3.0 x 150mm
190527   Flat head screwdriver 4.0 x 150mm
190528   Phillips screwdriver 2.0 x 45mm
190529   Phillips screwdriver 3.5 x 120mm
190530   Phillips screwdriver 5.8 x 120mm
190531   Nut driver 5.0 x 100mm
190532   Nut driver 5.5 x 100mm
190533   Nut driver 7.0 x 100mm
190534   Reamer with end cap for lexan body
190535   Exhaust spring / caster clip remover
190536   Wrench-glowplug / clutchnut - 10mm long
190537   Flywheel wrench tool wheelnut 1/8 off road
190538   Flywheel wrench