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Japan WC 1/8 onroad: Tadahiko WORLD CHAMPION 2013 (11/10/2013)


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Viper 977 1/8 scale onroad

Serpent ace driver Tadahiko Sahashi wins the 2013 IFMAR world championship, driving a Serpent Viper 977, powered by Picco.

Tq-ing the event after taking 3 of the 6 qualifiers, then moving on to win the semi final and taking pole position for the final race, and then winning the Worlds with a one lap lead, a superb result for this young talent !

In 1985 it was Dutch driver Rody Roem who won the WC title also in Japan.

2013, The year of the Snake !!
1/8 WC 2013 TQ and win, Tadahiko Sahashi
1/10 EC 2013 win , Mazzeo

Final Result
1.(1) Tadahiko Sahashi (JPN) Serpent/Picco 202/1:00:10.891
2.(2) Takaaki Shimo (JPN) Mugen/Picco 201/1:00:02.178
3.(5) Atsushi Hara (JPN) Mugen/OS Speed 200/1:00:09.866
4.(7) Shinnosuke Yokoyama (JPN) Mugen/OS Speed 200/1:00:12.069
5.(4) Carmie Rialo (ITA) Xray/Max 199/1:00:11.554
6.(8) Silvio Hachler (CH) Mugen/Novarossi 196/1:00:17.373
7.(6) Teemu Leino (FIN) HB/OS Speed 190/1:00:15.105
8.(10)Charlee Phutiyotin (THA) KM Racing/OS Speed 187/1:00:07.416
9.(3) Meen Vejrak (THA) KM Racing/OS Speed 179/59:31.609
10.(9)Jilles Groskamp (NL) Shepherd/Maxima 178/56:13.274