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World Championship report by Tadahiko and Yuya Sahahsi (29/10/2013)


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Viper 977 1/8 scale onroad

1/8 GP Racing World Championship 2013

Race report by Sahashi bros(Tadahiko and Yuya)

Date: 4th - 12th October 2013
Venue: Keitune circuit, Chiba, Japan

Free practice day(2 days)

Started with the same setup from Pre Worlds and the car was already competitive level to win and we are also satisfied a lot.

In addition with the new hard suspension parts H type , we could further test to improve the setups even better.  With hard suspension parts make the car very stable and smooth.

Width: front 253mm/rear 267mm
Car was wider than usual and we both felt very comfortable with the car.
Carbon rim cover were applied on both front and rear and it make the cornering much smoother without losing any speed.

Tadahiko is all four of six rounds of top goals. The second round had best grip on the track.
The grip condition was getting worse from the next day and never better laptimes was achieved by anyone.

Finally Tadahiko could get TQ, Yuya was 6th and directly qualified to a semifinal both.

We were in good condition with the car and engine performed also well with good fuel comsumption too during the whole sections.

Semifinal B
Started by semifinal  first, Yuya and Morganti were in B.

Yuya made a good start to be third position and could move up to 2nd after 15 minutes.

Shimo was leading semifinal B and remaining 6minutes to go, tyre exchanges was perfectly done and just before the the last refueling, unfortunately run out of the fuel but recoverd very quickly without losing so much time but the position was 5th at that time.

At the last lap, Yuya made a final attack to gain back the 4th position and could finish in front but this was considered as bad driving and officials made a decision to give Yuya a  one lap penalty and this makes Yuya down to 7th position and it disqualified to the final.

Semifinal A

Tadahiko also made a good start and nobody could pass him at all.
Strategy of Tadahiko was change the tyre at the middle only for left sides tyres.

Only just one Tadahiko with S977 was in the final.

Grand Main Final
Edo and Michael helped Tadahiko as mechanic for the final.
Again Tadahiko made a good start and kept the constant laps to make some gap from 2nd position Shimo.

At the first pit-in, Shimo made small mistake and gap become 4seconds.

At the first tyre change Tadahiko made only one sides tyre but Shimo did both then gap was 9 seconds .

At 20minutes to go, the tyre was not good enough for Tadahiko and make him slower and gap was shortened 7seconds from Shimo.

Tadahiko made a tyre change both sides at last time and could improve the lap times to the end and increase the gap.

Tadahiko became a world champion with a  very stable run, without making any mistake at all  and achieving the 2013-2014 World Title  as reward !!

We would like to say very thanks to Serpent, Picco, AsukaCreate, Sanwa, Cosmo and Tabata who helped and cooperated with us a lot for this event.

We also specialy want to thank Mr. Edoard Picco and Michael Salven for their tremendous support and help this time.

We will continue to do out best and look forward to seeing you soon.

Tadahiko / Yuya Sahashi
Team Serpent