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Serpent Viper 977: H-type composite suspension parts (29/10/2013)


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Viper 977 1/8 scale onroad

For the Serpent 977 Viper, Serpent release the suspension arms and uprights in a newly developed harder composite material. Our material engineers found a new mix of materials which have great characteristics in terms of hardness, durability and reaction to temperature. The moulded part show a H as indication of the material used.

Depending on track conditions and set-up, it will allow for more grip, more steering and an even more responsive car.

The H type parts have been tested before the Worlds in few races, and all Serpent 977 drivers at the Worlds received  a free set to try.  The new World Champion Tadahiko Sahashi, also used the new parts on his Viper, and so did most of the others. Some only front or rear parts, depending on set-up they used.

The standard M=medium  parts will be continued as well, as for many race conditions, these will remain the best choice.  

903609  Upright (2) hard
903610  Wishbone RR lw (2) hard
903611  Wishbone FR lw L+R hard
903612  Wishbone FR up (2) hard