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Optionals for 977 Viper (04/12/2013)


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Viper 977 1/8 scale onroad

Optional for Serpent Viper 977

Hard anodized CNC machined topquality aluminum pullies.  

Very durable pullies, which stay cleaner, are supertrue, have holes in sides to let debris move out easier and make the belts run supersmooth.

Lightweight alu adaptors to match, to reduce overall and rotating mass.

903590  Pulley 2-sp axle 19T alu
903591  Pulley 2-sp axle 21T alu
903592  Pulley middle axle 25T alu
903593  Pulley middle axle 18T alu
903594  Pulley front axle 28T alu
903595  Pulley rear axle 48T
903596  Pulley adaptor 21T light
903597  Pulley adaptor 19T light