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Team: Max Flurer joins offroad Team Serpent (07/01/2014)


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Spyder Buggy SRX-2 RM 2wd 1/10

Top-driver Max Flurer joins Team Serpent

Max Flurer will join the Serpent offroad team, to race and support the expanding Serpent car line-up in offroad.  We are proud having Max onboard to coop intensively with Easton, Truhe and the other Serpent team members.

Hello Max Flurer,
Its great to have you on the Serpent  team.  
Below a few questions for you:
Q: when did you start rc racing and with which car ?
A: my dad has been racing for a long time so I have been around Rc racing my whole life. My first Rc car was a trinity street spec truck.
Q: where  is your local track located
A: the grove in rock hill sc.
Q:  What has been your biggest national and internationalresult so far ?
A: finishing 3rd at the ready race in open 4wd or I would have to say winning the iron man at the pnb.
Q: Which class do you enjoy  most  ?
A: out of all of them I would have to say mod 2wd buggy.
Q: Which classes will you run with Serpent ?
A: all the off-road classes.
Q: Which radio, engine, electronics and tyres will you use ?
A; spektrum, reds racing engines, Orion esc, thunder power battery's and motors and jconcepts tires.
Q; What is your age and occupation ?
A: 25 and I work at custom works Rc.
Q: What is your favorite full scale racing category and driver ?
A: I watch Nascar when I'm in town and favorite drivers are tony Stewart  and klye bush.
Q:  What is favourite food ?
A: hot wings
Q: Which main races do you  plan for 2014 ?
A: crcrc, reedy race, motorama, pnb, nitro challenge, cactus classic, 1/10 Nats, 1/8 e Nats, and 1/8 nitro Nats.
Q:  When and where will be your 1st race with Serpent   ?
A: first big race will be crcrc
Thanks for the brief  interview and we hope to see you do well !!

Team Serpent