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Scoop: Serpent ERYX 3.0 is on its way (23/04/2014)


Serpent is about to introduce the strongly developed 411-ERYX 3.0 soon.

Key NEW features:
2mm coated and laser engraved 7075 T6 aluminium chassis; dark grey anodised with ERYX 3.0 logo, lowered sides for optimal flex, fully symmetrical for even flex
lighter lower bearingblocks front and rear indentical
new type lower CG 7075 T6 motormount, centrally mounted
seperate bushings to support the top-plate front and rear, to influence flex as needed
lightweight aluminium spool with blades
v2 type hard composite all around: wishbones, uprights, castorblocks, steeringblocks
v2 hard composite wishbones with one central hole for shock mounting
rear anti-roll bar mounted in front of rear arm
double joint cardan shaft v2 with clips  
brackets standard :  3.5/ 0.5 split blocks in the rear, 2.0/ 0.5 in the front
New material shock-O-rings
Lightweight anodised aluminium camberlinks
Lightweight anodised aluminium trackrods
Lighter composite anti-roll bar centering front and rear
ERYX 3.0 set-up sheet
Detailed news and images to follow end april 2014.

ERYX 3.0 starts shipping 10 may 2014 !

Team Serpent