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ENS; Serpent Support and Services (11/06/2014)


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Viper 977 WC Limited Edition

This weekend the ENS race will take place in Hockenheim, right next to the famous full scale German racetrack.

Team Serpent will be present  with some team-drivers  you can ask for support.  

Serpent chief designer Michael Salven will race 1/8 scale, ofcourse with the Serpent Viper 977-WC / Picco combo.

Mark Green and Dominic Greiner will both run 1/10 scale using the producton prototype of the Natrix 748.

For parts service  Scuderia Lechner will be present, so Gaby and the Lechner team will be there for help.

Good luck and great weather to all drivers and organisers.

Team Serpent