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Interview with Michael Salven on the Natrix 748 (17/07/2014)


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Interview Michael Salven on the new NATRIX 748  1/10  gascar onroad

Below a number of questions to the designer of  the NATRIX

Q:   What were the key areaís  you wanted to develop the 1/10 platform  ?
A:       I had quite some ideas where we should improve:  

1   lowering the overall weight
2   better weight distribution
3   lighter transmission
4   wider set-up window
5   improved handling
6   easier maintenance

Q:  What was the hardest section to design and why ?
A:   The geardiffs were harder to improve and get right than we thought. The new design made was using the same gears as from our Spyder 1/10 buggy, with a new smaller and lighter case. Unfortunately its not working well enough to use them in the current 748 Natrix kits yet, so we continue to uset he 747 diffs, which are also good and small as well.
Development of new diffs will continue, but will just take a little bit longer. As soon as ready there will be a press release and 748 owners can buy the new 748 diffs then at strongly reduced cost.

Q:   What were the other 4?  key features of the Natrix  and why ?
A:   I only can name 4? Thatís difficult.....I would say these:

1   more rearward weight distribution by moving the engine more rearwards
2   new improved  front geometry
3   new adjustable steeringblocks
4   new and improved rear anti-roll bar

Q:   What is NATRIX ?
A:   Its a snake. A true Serpent...

Q:   Do many parts of the previous Serpent 747 still fit ?
A:   Quite a lot of parts fit. All arms, driveshafts, wheelaxles. Bumper, twospeed.....

Q:  Do some parts of the Natrix 748 also fit the 747 ?
A:   Yes, rear uprights, front steeringblocks and the new diffs fit the 747

Q:   Why should drivers try to run 1/10 gascars, what makes it so special ?
A:   I like it because as a driver you can really make a difference. It is very much about car control, but also it emphasizes the ability to set-up a car. And the racing is ultra close!!

Q:  Have you raced and will you be racing the NATRIX  regularly yourselves, and if yes what will be the main events in 2014 ?
A:   I decided to quit 1/10 scale racing on European level. I just did not have the time to compete properly. Instead I decided to drive only in Germany with the Nationals as the highlight. The level in Germany is really high and to do well here is a big enough task. I already did the initial testing of the car.

Q: What do you expect  from the EC and the Worlds this year  and who are the key drivers for Serpent at the WC  ?
A: I would be disappointed if we do not well at the big races. We won last years European Championship with Alessio Mazzeo and the NAtrix is a better car than the 747. Our key drives will be
Alessio Mazzeo,  Dominic Greiner, Tadahiko Sahashi, Yuya Sahahsi, Mark Green and new Serpent driver Victor Wilck, and for sure many more !!

Q:  When will the 748 start shipping
A;  we are shipping a small preproduction batch out between 18 and 23 july to cover drivers attending the EC and some other key events, and the 1st production batch will ship end july.

Thanks a lot for your answers !

Good luck this season

Team Serpent