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Designer Interview with Salven on the Viper 977-e 1/8 EP onroad (11/09/2014)


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Viper 977-e 1/8 scale 4wd EP

Serpent Viper 977-e  designer interview

Hello Michael,

We have some questions  on your  superb new Viper 977-e

Q  Why did you decide to create a purpose made 1/8 EP car ?
A   I wanted to create a purpose made car instead of a modified gas car. I felt that we could have a better CG and weight distribution as well as a more effective transmission

Q  What were the key goals to meet in the design ?
A   On top of the already mentioned effective transmission and the improved CG I also wanted a car which is as light as possible. Also I wanted it to fit available batteries instead of custom made ones, so its easy to buy them anywhere.

Q  Whats is the key difference between EP and GP car design ?
A   we use the same tires and bodyshells, so the suspension geometry is the same. But for everything else we needed  a new layout.

Q  What was the hardest design challenge in the car ?
A   for sure the packaging!  I wanted a two-belt car for a better and more effective transmission. In the same time I wanted the battery low and close to the center.

Q  What do you expect from 1/8 EP race development ?
A   I think it will grow fast . I know the most 1/8 scale racers are real petrol heads, but I think there are enough racers that favour the quiet , but super fast Viper 977E. And electric racing in general is growing!

Q  Are you a fan of F1 racing 1/1  ?
A   hahaha, I have to admit I am one of the petrol heads!  But I like the current F1 spec, the way the use the energy recovering is a genius system and the electric part of the power is already very high

Q  What makes running EP 1/8 so special  or different ?
A   The way the power develops is really impressive! No clutch or twospeed, just an enormous boost!

Q  What would you propose as maximum values for 1/8 EP racing as race rules for speedo, batteries and motor.
A   I would not limit it too much. I like the 1/10 ETC modified rules, just limit the physical dimensions of the battery. And of course The run-time, it should be 5 minutes minimum. A lot of the appeal of 1/8 EP comes from the speed, so I wouldn’t like too much restrictions.

Q  What run-time do you get with 2 x 3S batteries  and a 2000 kv motor  and what top-speed ?
A  run-time with 2 x 3S batteries of around 4500 will last about 5.5 minutes, top-speed close to 115 km/h, depending on ratio 120km/h should be well in reach.

Q  will also bigger motors and packs fit the car ?
A   the limits are physical; the max diameter of the motor is 42mm. Each battery can be 150mm x 50mm x 27mm. Hardcase 3S Lipos fit easy.

Q  What is the total race weight of the 977-e ?
A Its around 2600 grams including all !

Q: When will the Viper 977-e  be ready to release / sell ?
A:  mid July.

Thanks Michael for your time to answer these questions !

One more question:
Q: Can we ask what your next design project is ???
A;  no sorry ;)   its top secret …

Team Serpent