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Serpent Viper 977 1/8 scale platform continious ..... (29/12/2014)


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Viper 977 WC Limited Edition

Serpent continues the highly successful Viper 977 platform into 2015 season.

The Viper 977, as well as the Viper 977-Wc edition celebrating the WC TQ and win of Tadahiko Sahahshi, will both be continued, as well as the recently introduced Viper 977-e in 2-belt configuration.

Serpent continues with its core race-team consisting of Mark Green, Alessio Mazzeo, Yuya and Tadahiko Sahashi, Paolo Morganti, Massimo Fantini, Anthony Abisset and Mikael Fransson.  All of our national level team-drivers have also confirmed to continue with Serpent for 2015, which shows the confidence they have in the car  !  
Also 1/10 Worlds TQ driver Dominic Greiner will do some 1/8 GP and 1/10 TC races in 2015, and ofcourse Michael Salven , co-owner and chief designer at Serpent, continues in his favourite 1/8 class.

Michael has been working over last month on several new projects, and is also developing few new things for the Viper range of cars. These are 1st planned to  be released as optionals when ready later inside the new season, and may flow into kits late in the 2015 year.  The other type new cars he has been working on in past period will be released soon in 2015 .

Serpent drivers around the world have been winning many national championship titles, as well as regional races, showing the potential of the Viper 977, which is seen as a very easy and superfast car same time. After 2 seasons with an almost unchanged  Viper 977 many drivers know the car very well, and set-ups are being finetuned to the max. The set-ups are shared by various means to make all Serpent Viper drivers benefit and improve their own results !

A busy new year ahead with ENS series, EC, WC and many other big events around the globe. We are ready !

Team Serpent

Serpent Viper 977:  http://serpent.com/product/903012/images/
Serpent Viper 977-WC:  http://promo.serpent.com/977wcle/
Serpent Viper 977-e:  http://promo.serpent.com/977e/