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Scoop: Serpent plans introduction of the new F110 SF2 F1 car 1/10 (04/02/2015)


Serpent is about to release a new version of the 1/10 scale F110 platform, the SF-2

Focus on development has been put on a complete new front end , a new center pivot system, shock-absorber length and position and overall flex dynamics, finished off with a new aero package front and rear.

Its possible to make it legal for all different rules in the world for F1 racing, due to its unique front end.

Details and a designer interview with Michael Salven to follow shortly.  Planned release date for kits is early march  2015.

The F110- SF2  will be on show at the Toyfair in Nurnberg.

#410061   Serpent F110 SF2    1/10 F1 car