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NEW; Serpent 1/8 4wd Cobra buggy EP 2.1 (08/04/2015)


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Cobra B-e 2.1 4wd 1/8 buggy EP

Serpent 1/8 scale  buggy in electric powered version. Serpent Cobra Buggy B-e 2.1 version

Joern Neumann used the new version at the recent Neo 2015 race, and qualified 4th overall and finished 4th in the A-main, in his 1st big race with Cobra Be.

State of the art design of the central section, with advanced integrated standing servo, receiver/speedo  bracket, ingenious motor-bracket and longtunial lay-down Lipo-pack configuration with practical lid-system.  Extremely narrow and low design, optimised for overall weight balance.  Low body-design  and low rear wing / wingmount.

The changes for the 2.1 version are not big, but very important to make you go around the track easier and faster.  

Key new features
- Upright buggy 1/8 V2 (2)
- Wheelaxle buggy v2 (2)
- Driveshaft buggy 98mm (2)
- Wheel-axle boot rubber (2)
- C-hub 14 L+R alu
- Antiroll bar front 2.3mm

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