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Neumann Vice European Champion with Spyder SRX4 (11/08/2015)


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Spyder SRX4 buggy 4wd 1/10, Spyder SRX4 buggy 4wd 1/10 alu.

Team Serpent attended the 2015 EC in England with Hupo Honigl and Joern Neumann as key drivers, together with Serpent distributor Tony Evdoka.

In 4wd Neumann was very fast and qualified 3rd on the grid. After the finals he came out as Vice European Champion, taking an impressive 2nd place overall.

Congratulations !

In the 2wd class both Neumann and Honigl qualified for the A-main with  a final result from Neumann in 5th and Honigl in 9th !

Gerd Strenge made a great supportjob and coop with Tony Evdoka the UK distributor was great too.

Thanks a lot to the local club for hosing the event, it was a superb EC, well done.

Driver reports and more images to follow in the teamserpent.com site

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