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USA: USA driver Griffin Hanna joins Serpent Works Team for offroad (06/01/2016)


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Spyder SRX4 buggy 4wd 1/10, Spyder SRX4 buggy 4wd 1/10 alu.

The highly talented and fast USA based driver Griffin Hanna has been on the Serpent America Team for a while and now joins the Works Team for offroad.

Griffin and his team are known for their set-up ability  and the great team-support and help they give to other drivers, sharing their knowledge inside the team.

Team Serpent Interview.

Hello Griffin, its great to have you on the Serpent offroad team. Below a few questions for you:

Team Serpent: when did you start rc racing and with which car ?
Griffin: I started racing when I was about 10. The first car I had I think was an Ofna jammin Truggy.

Team Serpent: Which cars you will run for Serpent ?
Griffin: I run almost all of them!  Everything that Serpent makes for offroad. I will be running the nitro Truggy for the first time this year. I can't wait for the new 1/8 nitro buggy to come out and the updated 1/10 2wd buggy.

Team Serpent: Where is your local track located ?
Griffin: My local track for 1/8th scale is located in Socastee, SC, The Badlands. The track I run at for 1/10th scale is located in Myrtle Beach, SC, BeachRC.

Team Serpent: What has been your biggest national and international result so far ?
Griffin: I attended the electric nationals last year for my first time. I won the B main for e-buggy and finished 2nd in the B main in e-Truggy.

Team Serpent: What is your age and occupation ?
Griffin: I am 16 years old and currently in High School.

Team Serpent: Which races do you plan for coming season ?
Griffin: I plan on attending the 1/8th electric nationals, 1/10 electric nationals, Motorama, Alabama Manufacture Shootout, and the Silver State race.

Team Serpent: When and where will be your next race with Serpent ?
Griffin: My next race will be January,15, which is the Colonials winter classic in Savannah, Georgia.

Quote: I love hanging out with new people at the track and I love being at the track! Thanks to Serpent for all their support.

Team Serpent