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Designer interview with Michael Salven on the Eryx 4.0 (07/01/2016)


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Eryx 4wd TC 1/10 4.0 carbon chassis 2.25

Eryx 4.0  Designer interview  with Michael Saven

Hi Michael,

Serpent has now introduced the  Eryx 411 4.0.
We like to ask you below questions  as the designer of the car.

Q: Is the Eryx 4.0 an ALL NEW car ?
A:  The new Eryx 4.0  is based on the successfull Eryx 3.0.  For sure it has important changes, but its not ALL NEW.

Q: What were the main goals to develop the Eryx 411 further ?  Some specific area’s you wanted to improve on ?  Or  just faster and easier ?
A: The majority of the changes are of course performance driven. We always want to go faster and it should be easier as well. But some changes are also to improve other areas.

Q: What are the key changes you like to focus on most and what  are the expcted results ?
A1  we found a big improvement in the shocks. By increasing the oil volume and reducing the friction significantly we could improve the mechanical grip of the car. So the oil volume is increased by a bigger bore and a smaller shaft. The inner friction is reduced by a new low friction bushing, a new material piston and a new X-ring.
A2:  we designed a new center motormount to balance the flex even more and reduce the number of parts as well.
A3: We also developed a complete new midshaft assembly. We wanted to take out any play in the drivetrain and also have it run as true as possible.
A4  we changed to new material diff gears, which allows great smoothness and less wear as well.
A5 a new steering geometry with narrower pivot distance  
A6 a new shaped aluminium 2mm chassis ( or carbon 2.25mm one) for even flex to complete the whole package.

Q: Some brands are lowering the shocktowers even more and make the shocks  even shorter. In the 4.0 you move the towers 2mm higher than the 3.0 with slightly longer shocks. Why is that ?  Are there disadvantages to lower even more ?
A: All of our experience show that the shock perform better with more oil. Also the new seal package is a bit higher to be able to reduce the friction. We feel that these advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far.

Q: Are the changes made both better on asphalt and carpet ?  Is the chassis choice important there ?
A: For sure all these changes work better in all circumstances. But it will be important to use the right chassis. We offer different chassis as well as new optional suspension brackets give us an enormous range of flexibility adjustment to get the car working well on all surfaces.

Q: Is the market for 1/10 TC still growing ?
A: I think there are still drivers joining in from other classes. The main advantage is that there is a lot of racing going on in the winter as well and the ETS seemes to be ever more popular.  Also in USA TC is making a come back.

Q: Which are the key drivers for Serpent in the coming period ?
A: Our long term driver Marc Fischer as well as Viktor Wilck are really important to us. But also David Ehrbar is doing a really good job on the development side. David is also responsible  for a very interesting surprise we will show you in due course .

Q:  What do you think about the Wc being in China in 2016 ?
A: China is developing fast as a rc car market, so I think thats a good thing. The rc hobby will be even more in the picture and so far we have seen the China federation makes a great job to organise events and they have some very experienced people to help.

Q: Do you plan any new car developments for the WC specific ?
A: We have more stuff in the pipeline. But this is not specifically aimed at the WC. Its just stuff to improve all the time to give our customers the tools to do well.

Q:  Whom  are the key drivers to help you with the  development of the Eryx car, as you dont run 1/10 TC yourself  ?
A: David Ehrbar, Marc Fischer and Viktor Wilck

Thanks for giving us an insight on the development of the Eryx 4.0

Team Serpent